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This is the package repository for the RISC OS Packaging Project. It is currently intended for use by package maintainers when uploading new binary packages to the website. In the future it will also provide the means to search the package database and obtain information about the packages stored there.

Package Lifecycle

Making a new version of a package available to RiscPkg users is a two-stage process:

  • The package file must first be uploaded to the repository. This makes it available for download if it is accessed directly using the appropriate URL, but at this point it will not be seen by RiscPkg.
  • One or more distributions must then be upgraded to use the new package version. This makes it accessible through RiscPkg to users who subscribe to those distributions.

Package versions normally remain part of any distributions to which they have been added until they are superceded by a new version. Alternatively, a package can be explicitly removed from a distribution if it has become obsolete.

There is no automated facility for actually deleting an uploaded package file because normal practice is to keep old versions indefinitely, however the repository administrator is able to delete files manually if there is a compelling reason to do so (such as a legal problem or the discovery of malicious code).